The Department of Pathology forms a bridge between the basic sciences and clinical medicine, bringing the newest scientific concepts to enhance understanding of the biologic basis of disease.

Basic science research in pathobiology addresses how a sequence of biologic events leads to a disease state. Translational and clinical research bridges basic mechanistic research to advances in clinical diagnosis and treatment of human disease. Pathology is the study of the nature of disease, including its causes, development and consequences. Pediatric pathology is unique insofar as it is at the intersection of disease and development. An integral part of Boston Children’s Hospital’s commitment to providing your child with the best possible care is determining why your child needs medical care. Our Pathology Department is dedicated to answering that question.

While our particular experience and expertise is unusual, our primary mission at Hospital for Special Surgery is to improve patient care by supporting the various clinical services. To do this, our department performs well over a million laboratory examinations per year. Because it is centrally located within the hospital, our department provides direct access and timely results for our physicians, clinics, and operating rooms. Since our most important function at HSS is as a service and educational resource for the clinical departments, it is not likely that as a patient you will have direct contact with any of our staff except when you have blood drawn by one of our technologists. However, you can rest assured that we help your doctor monitor your care in the best way possible. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the Department of Pathology at Boston Children’s Hospital is one of the largest services of its kind in the world. Our team studies blood, tissue, body fluids and other samples to diagnose and treat children’s diseases.



  • To provide the highest quality diagnostic pediatric pathology services
  • To be the leading source of clinical and scientific innovation, research and discovery in pediatric pathology
  • To educate the next generation of leaders in pediatric pathology


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